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Madyco specializes in crafting aesthetically designed furniture for various spaces including living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, using a combination of wood and metal/iron. They also offer interior design services for homes and sell a variety of carpentry products, all tailored to meet customer preferences at competitive prices.
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General Questions

  • What is the use of woodworking?
    Woodworking is the skill of making items from wood, and includes cabinetry, furniture making, wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning...
  • Is MDF good for furniture?
    MDF is an ideal material for modern interior designers because of its adaptability, durability, and affordability. There are many wonderful benefits of this material, and you can utilize it to great effect in your home décor. In this article, we have seen MDF's making process, its advantages, features, and common uses.
  • What is modern style for kitchen?
    To make a kitchen look more modern, we recommend foregoing any trends (like open shelving, marble counters, or checkerboard backsplashes), and opting instead for sleek finishes like overlay slab cabinet doors and drawer fronts and white countertops.
  • Is hardwood good for outdoor furniture?
    Hardwood is commonly used for garden furniture because of its durability and weather resistance -- tending to be heavier and therefore more expensive than softwood.
  • What is the meaning of handmade furniture?
    Handmade furniture is exactly how it sounds: built and assembled using one's hands. Buyers place more value in handmade furniture.

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